Pesticide residues in Cotton products

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Michael Beale wrote in message <36b8ba96.0 at newsin2.apacinternet.com.au>...
Is anyone aware of any analysis of the pesticide levels of products and
byproducts of processing raw cotton through to cotton cloth or knitted
fabrics.    While I believe most of the pesticides used in farming cotton
are likely to be contained in the non-fibrous materials eliminated at early
stages of cotton cloth production I have not seen any results of analysis of
cotton at the different stages of production.     I am interested in looking
at the hazardous substances regulations in workplaces in Victoria, and am
interested in hazardous substances such as cotton dust produced when yarn is
knitted.     I believe pesticide levels should be very low but hope to
confirm this by accessing some real data.      Cotton organisations so far
have not been able to help with information.

Thanks for any help provided.

Michael Beale

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