Pesticide residues in Cotton products

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Thu Feb 4 03:01:55 EST 1999

In article <36b8ba96.0 at newsin2.apacinternet.com.au>, beale at ozramp.net.au says...
>Is anyone aware of any analysis of the pesticide levels of products and
>byproducts of processing raw cotton through to cotton cloth or knitted
>fabrics.    While I believe most of the pesticides used in farming cotton
>are likely to be contained in the non-fibrous materials eliminated at early
>stages of cotton cloth production I have not seen any results of analysis of
>cotton at the different stages of production.     I am interested in looking
>at the hazardous substances regulations in workplaces in Victoria, and am
>interested in hazardous substances such as cotton dust produced when yarn is
>knitted.     I believe pesticide levels should be very low but hope to
>confirm this by accessing some real data.      Cotton organisations so far
>have not been able to help with information.

See the following for some info about PCDD/Fs (dioxins & furans) in
fungicides & dyes used on fabrics in some countries.

Alcock, R.E., and Jones, K.C. 1997.  Pentachlorophenol (PCP) and Chloranil 
as PCDD/F sources to sewage sludge and sludge amended soils in the UK.
Chemosphere. 35(10):2317-2330.


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