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The sixth meeting in the Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia
second announcement

The AC-Laboratorium Spiez, Switzerland
11 - 17 July 1999

"Explorations of Present Capabilities and Future Requirements for CB
Medical Treatment"

Spiez, Switzerland. Once again and from around the world, the recognized
authorities in this complex field of CB medical science and treatment will
again be converging on the AC Laboratorium Spiez, Switzerland. Where are
we? Where are we going? What do we need to get there? These questions sum
up the comprehensive discussions planned for the July 1999 CB Medical
Treatment Symposium - CBMTS III.

Objective: Bring together the CBMTS professionals most concerned with and
directly involved in the scientific and technical  aspects of problems
associated with medical treatment required for CB agent, agrichemical and
industrial poisonings. This includes, but is not limited to comprehensive
discussions across the spectrum of prophylaxis, pre-treatment and therapy.
Contributions of papers and posters from each research area are solicited.

Symposium Model: To ensure the free flow of ideas, the CBMTS III will use
the Gordon Research Conference model and approach in the conduct of the
Symposium. Only official conference proceedings will be released.

* Editor's Note: The CBMTS III venue is once again the AC-Laboratorium,
Spiez. As all of our current members know and appreciate, this venue
encompasses, without doubt, the most beautiful and serene location to be
found anywhere in the world. The use of the fabulous AC-Laboratorium
facilities for our venue, which is considered the CBMTS home, has been made
possible through the courtesy and consideration of the Swiss Federation and
the AC-Laboratorium Spiez. To look down at Lake Thun and across the Lake to
the Jungfraü and then immediately adjacent to the Laboratory, the Alps in
their summer finest, is truly to relax and contemplate and absorb the CBMTS
and its gathering of the world's finest science and medical professionals
from approximately 30 countries. Our members, as always, will thoroughly
enjoy. We would like to accommodate all; however, the Gordon Research model
as well as available space, dictate our limit to be 100-110.

Selection of participants: based on relevance of paper, time of receipt of
request, geographical representation and CBMTS member priority.

* At this early date, our old and new members from Belgium, China, Croatia,
Czech Rep., England, Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore,
Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and the US have either requests on
file or have indicated their intention to provide a paper and attend.
Note: All participants are expected to present a paper.


Please forward your CBMTS III Preregistration information to ASA at e-mail:
asa at ime.net; attn: Richard Price or fax: 1-207-829-3040, with info copy to
AC-Laboratorium, e-mail: Rudolf.Portmann at x400.gr.admin.ch; or RPortmann
@compuserve.com; attn: Dr. Rudolf Portmann or fax: 41-33-22-8-1402. Please
forward this preregistration information as soon as possible.
* Please include the following information:
1. Full name and title

2. Organization and full address

3. Phone, fax and e-mail numbers
        Note: e-mail address is very important. Upon receipt ASA will enter
you onto the CBMTS III internet network for transfer of all CBMTS III
Update information.

4. Preliminary name of proposed paper and to which basket (topic area)
would you recommend it to be considered. Please include preference for
poster or platform presentation.

5. Living Accommodation preference. At the Dormitory or at which listed
hotel in Spiez. (See information under Symposium/Living Costs on next
page.)  Also state if you plan to bring your spouse.

6. Additional information you might require from the CBMTS III organizing

Abstract Submission: By 10 March or earlier if possible. Abstracts are to
be less than 250 words and list the Title, Authors, Full Address. No
figures, tables, or references in the Abstract. Include five key words
related to topic area.

CBMTS III Symposium Administration:
        Director AC-Laboratorium Spiez: Dr. Bernhard Brunner
        Co-Director CBMTS III: Dr. Rudolf Portmann
        Co-Director CBMTS III: Col. Richard Price (R)
        Chair CBMTS III: TBA
        Co-Chair CBMTS III: Dr. Barbara Price
        Technical Advisor: Dr. Rudolf Portmann
        Logistics Advisor: Mr. Fred Schneider
        OPCW/CWC Advisor: Dr. Brian Davey
        Internat'l Coordinator/Organizer: Col. Richard Price (R)

International Executive Committee CBMTS III:
        Dr. Ueli Huber - AC- Laboratorium Spiez, Switzerland
        Director CBMTS III - Local Organization and Coordination for
AC-Laboratorium, Spiez
        Dr. Cornelis Erasmus - Protechnik Labs, South Africa
        Dr. Leo Laughlin - Battelle Memorial Institute, U.S.
        LtCol Zvonko Orehovec - MOD Zagreb, Croatia
        Col Richard Price - Applied Science and Analysis, Inc., U.S.; CBMTS
series originator

International Scientific Review Committee CBMTS III: Will review all
abstracts for CBMTS III and will select which papers and posters are
appropriate for presentation.
        Prof. Jiri Bajgar - PMMA, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
        Dr. Slavko Bokan - MOD, Zagreb, Croatia
        Dr. Brian Davey - OPCW, The Hague, The Netherlands
        To Be Named - Inst Pharm & Tox, Beijing, China
        Dr. David Moore - Battelle Memorial Institute, U.S.
        Dr. Sergey Netesov - SRC Vector, Russia
        Dr. Rudolf Portmann-AC Laboratorium, Spiez, Switzerland
        Dr. Barbara Price - Applied Science and Analysis Inc., U.S., Chair:
Science Review Committee; CBMTS series originator & Int'l


The proposed baskets of major topic areas and sub-areas are the guide for
the proposed papers:
(Note: To receive an invitation, each potential participant is expected to
prepare and submit a paper for presentation.)
1. Medical Treatment of Organophosphorous Compounds and Other Insecticides,
e.g., Carbamates, etc.
        (Basics: oximes, prophylaxis, pharmacokinetics, animal studies,
applied therapy, long lasting effects, new agents)

2. Medical Treatment of Other Agents, such as Mustard, etc.
        (Basics: prophylaxis, pharmacokinetics, animal studies, new agents)

3. Riot Control Agents such as Tear Gas, Pepper Sprays, New Agents within
this area, etc.
        (Basics: mechanism of action, effects, standardized procedure for
use, prophylaxis, etc.)

4. Biological Agents, Self-Replicating and Viruses:
        Class A - reacting within 1 day
        Class B - reacting within 3 days
        Class C - reacting within 5 days
        (Basics: epidemiology, mechanism of action, model for
identification, infectious principle, effect, treatment, etc.)

5. Toxins: Synthetic or Biological Origin
        Class A - reacting within 1 day
        Class B - reacting within 3 days
        Class C - reacting within 5 days
        (Basics: biology, mechanisms of action, toxic principle, effects,
treatment, etc.)

6. Preventive Measures Against Biological Agents and Toxins
        * Basic levels of epidemiology in different countries (epidemiology
data of the most important infectious diseases during the previous three
        * Methods of bio detection (characterization and analyses of bio
agents and toxins)
        * Instrumentation: development of detection kits; instrumentation
for bio analysis

7. Mass Casualty Management (Chemical) in case of major accidents, or
incidents from war/combat actions or terrorist attacks.
        (Basics: identification, prevention, pre-planning, organization,
interface military and civil medical authorities, etc.)

8. Mass Casualty Management (Biological) in case of major accidents, or
incidents from war/combat actions or terrorist attacks or in the event of
epidemics - natural or manmade.
        (Basics: differentiation, identification, prevention, preplanning,
organization, interface military and civil
        medical authorities, vaccines, etc.)

9. Analytical Methodologies of Important Chemicals according to the
Chemical Weapons Convention, as well as those chemicals of concern not yet
included within the Convention.

10. A General Basket for papers for which identification of proper topic
area may be difficult. Topics from across the CB spectrum, i.e., new
chemical agents, biologicals, bioterrorism, BW, toxins, new treatments, new
detection and decontamination capabilities as apply to CB casualties, and
etc. The Scientific review committee will help determine either the proper
basket or will formulate a new basket.

11. A short review of the CBMTS meetings which were held after CBMTS II in
July 1996, will be provided to the assembled CBMTS III. These mini- and
regional CBMTS meetings were held in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic; Cairo,
Egypt; and, Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Symposium /living costs for CBMTS III

        Registration fees: fees are in Swiss francs, SFr, and the
approximate US $ cost is in brackets ( ). These were figured at US $1 = SFr
1.3. The SFr rate will be the determining factor in all financial
        Important Note: The quoted cost figure for Registration includes
all meals from Sunday evening 11 July 1998 through Saturday morning 17 July
1998 and includes an individual room for six nights at the AC-Laboratorium
dormitory. These rooms are considered double room with single occupancy,
but do not have individual bath facilities. There are shared bathroom
facilities on each floor. Members who are accompanied will be housed in
separate wings with shared, but separate, mens' and womens' facilities.
        For those members who would prefer to stay at a Symposium Hotel in
Spiez, we have made special arrangements with the four star Belvedere Hotel
and the two star Guesthouse Seeblick. Supplemental fees for these
facilities will be explained in the next paragraph. The registration fees
also include the Welcome Party (cheese buffet and wine), on Sunday evening
11 July and the gala Symposium dinner towards the end of the week. It also
includes the Program, Proceedings, Symposium bag, local transportation for
scheduled events, and other items.

a. Registration Fee: Individual Member from Government and Academia: SFr
740 ($570.)
        * Supplemental daily fee for individual staying in an individual
room at the Spiez hotels: Belvedere SFr 120 ($92.); Seeblick SFr 75 ($58.).
The individual may elect, because of space preferences, to stay in a larger
double room at the Belvedere;  however, the daily cost would then be SFr
200 ($154.).  The individual would have a paid breakfast at the Belvedere
and lunch and dinner at the AC Laboratorium.

b. Registration Fee: Individual Member from Industry: SFr 975 ($750)
        * Supplemental daily fee for individuals from industry staying at
hotels in Spiez - as above for individuals from government and academia.
The individual from industry may stay at the AC Laboratorium dormitory on a
space available basis.

c. Industry Sponsor: Industry sponsorship permits the CBMTS to invite
members to attend who do not have sufficient resources on their own to
attend. The Industry Sponsor will have for their contribution: a booth
furnished by the Organizing Committee; registration fees paid for two
individuals to attend the CBMTS III; advertisements in both the Program and
the Proceedings; advertisement space in the ASA Newsletter to be used any
time during next 12 months. Please contact ASA for details.

d. Fees for Accompanying Person staying in dormitory in double room:
        * Staying in Dormitory: Fee for all meals, plus Welcome Party and
Symposium Dinner = SFr 360 ($277)
        ** Staying in Dormitory with Breakfast and Welcome Party/Symposium
Dinner but not lunch and dinner = SFr 250  ($192.)
        ** Staying in Hotels in Spiez with CBMTS member
                * Belvedere Hotel SFr 120 ($92.) extra/day
                * Seeblick Guest House SFr 55 ($42) extra/day

e. Meal and Other Fees for Accompanying Person Only: Individual costs at
the AC-Laboratorium facilities for those not on a full plan.
        * Dormitory room and breakfast SFr 25 ($19.) extra/day
        * Lunch SFr 15 ($12.); Dinner SFr 16 ($12.50)
        * Cheese and Wine Party SFr 25 ($19.)
        * Symposium Dinner SFr 75 ($58.)

f. Planned extra non-CBMTS excursions: these will be explained in detail in
the February issue ASA 99-1.
        * Tuesday PM - 13 July. Open Air Museum Ballenberg. Experience the
Swiss heritage in a natural setting. Ballenberg is absolutely unique.
        * Friday PM - 16 July. Alpine flower walk. Alpine flowers are in
full bloom, visit via cable car to high meadow.
        * Saturday - 17 July. The Top of Europe Tour - all day and a famous
train to the ice palace at 11,333 feet (3454m).

For information/tentative reservations:

Rudolf Portmann, AC-Laboratorium Spiez
Tel: 41-33-22-8 1725 and fax: 41-33-22-8 1402
e-mail: rudolf.portmann at X400.gr.admin.ch  or RPortmann at compuserve.com

Richard Price, ASA
Tel: 1-207-829-6376 and fax: 1-207-829-3040
e-mail: asa at ime.net

 Applied Science & Analysis, ASA Inc.
PO Box 17533 ....... Portland, ME 04112-8533  ...............   USA
phone: 207-829-6376 .............................  fax: 207-829-3040
asa at ime.net ................................. http://www.asanltr.com

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