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We have been invited by Dr. Walley Hayes, editor of the international
journal Human and Experimental Toxicology, to coordinate a series within the
journal entitled "Toxicology Elsewhere."  The purpose of this journal
section is to draw attention to papers that are of significance to
toxicologists but may be missed because they have not been published in
mainstream toxicology journals.  In addition the papers selected attempt to
reflect topics of the liveliest current research interests as well as those
which impinge upon the professional practice of toxicology.  Reviews consist
of an abstract and comments prepared by the reviewer.  The expert commentary
is designed to assist in the assimilation of the new material, and also
should function as a mini-review.  Examples can be seen in earlier versions
of Human and Experimental Toxicology (e.g., February, 1996).

We invite you to prepare a short review of papers that you feel fit these
characteristics.  The form of your submission should be to state the paper's
abstract and then your review.  We will scientifically edit your submissions
(and may be able to help type up the relevant abstracts), but will otherwise
allow a variety of opinions and styles to be published.

We offer quick turn around time and full acknowledgement for your efforts.
Indexing your work, so that it may be cited is also envisioned.

Please send all responses to Dr. Lynne Haber of TERA (email: haber at tera.org;
fax: 011 513 542 7487).

We apologize for cross-posting.


Michael L. Dourson, Ph.D., DABT


Lynne T. Haber, Ph.D.
VERA Program Manager

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Phone: 513 542-8372 (542-TERA)
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