Why can't musrooms be reheated?

Daniel Hirschi Daniel.Hirschi at span.ch
Thu Feb 25 10:43:23 EST 1999

Hello Everybody

we painfully found out that it is true: Mushrooms can't be
reheated (a
night of throwing up showed that very clearly). Why ??

We made risotto w/ mushrooms on Sunday and reheated it on Monday.

- The rice was rather fresh, bought a few days ago
- The Mushroom was an edible boletus, a very common and good Mushroom,
bought also fresh in a specialized deli store (which is certainly no
guarantee that it was fresh; but it looked ok to me). No chance of it
being poisonous; I'm not sure whether it was cultivated.
- The recipee included only rice, mushroom, spices, and some cream.
- Between Sunday and Monday, the leftovers were refrigerated.
- It took about 5 hrs for us to start to feel bad (i.e. the first
- Our kitchen hygiene is not so bad as to pose a problem for a dish
which is cooked for 30 Minutes (I live in Switzerland).

My cooking book said:

"Cultivated Mushrooms can be reheated. All other mushrooms can't." It
gives no reason.

My Mother in law said

"Everybody knows..."

Thanks a lot for any feedback

-- Daniel

Daniel.Hirschi at zdnetmail.com

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