Urgent - Help - Info about Aflatoxin M1

pjreis at hotmail.com pjreis at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 13 12:06:11 EST 1999

  I need some help on getting more scientific information about effects of
Aflatoxin M1 on human body. I found some references connecting ingestion of
Aflatoxin M1 (through contaminated milk, for exemple) to cases of liver
cancer, but I need more information on this.

  I'm a Portuguese journalist, based in Lisbon, and I'm running a story after
a consumer's organization published results of tests that revealed 80 % of
locally produced milk is contaminated with levels of Aflatoxin that are 
higher than those considered the minimum accepted levels, by that 
organization (0.01 micrograms per Kilo).

  I will apreciate any help on this.

  Best regards,

  Paulo Reis/Jornalist (Weekly "O Independente")
  pjreis at hotmail.com
  preis at mail.soci.pt

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