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Wed Jan 13 12:43:53 EST 1999

Members of this list may be interested in the January e-mail list-based
forum sponsored by "The American Scientist."  The topic is  "Lead in the
Inner Cities," and takes as its starting point a well reasoned and somewhat
controversial article by Dr. Howard Mielke of the same name.  Dr. Mielke
asserts that lead in urban soil is a major source of the continuing pockets
of elevated blood lead levels in inner city children, and that the lead in
this soil results not from lead paint weathering, but is the continuing
residual of the historic use of leaded gasoline in the U.S.  Dr. Mielke's
article can be found by going to  http://www.amsci.org/amsci/  and clicking
on "Forum."  the forum page also contains information on signing for the
e-mail list to  participate in the forum.

Alan H. Stern
Div. of Science and Research
New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ

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