betulinic acid

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Betulin and betulinic acid

Dear colleagues.

Betulin and betulinic acid are available at our lab in quantities with the
Betulin 90%(tech.grade)  10$/g
Betulinic acid 90%(tech. Grade)    40$/g

I am a graduate student and I-m finishing my Ph.D. thesis:¦Syntheses of
betulinic acid
and development of  liposome form¦ on Apr.1999. I-m looking for a pos.doc
position that deals with betulinic acid. Is here anyone who can inform me?.

List of publication:
1. Le Bang Son, A.P. Kaplun, A.V. Symon, A.A. Shpilevsky, V.B.Grigoriev*,
V.I.Shvets. Solubilization of betulinic acid, a new antimelanoma compound.
Proceeding of LThe 25th International Symposium on Controlled Release of
Bioactive Materials¦ (Las Vegas, USA, June 1998)
2. Le Bang Son, A.P.Kaplun, A.V. Symon, A.A. Shpilevsky, V.B.Grigoriev,
V.I.Shvets. Liposomal form of betulinic acid, a selective apoptosis inducing
melanoma cells substance.// J.Liposome Res. V.8 N.1 p78 (1998). The
of LThe 6th Liposome Research Days Conference¦ (Les Embiez, Marselle,
May 1998).
3. Le Bang Son, A.P.Kaplun, A.V. Symon, A.A. Shpilevsky, V.B.Grigoriev,
V.I.Shvets. Syntheses of betulinic acid from betulin and study of
solubilization by
liposomes. // Russian journal of Bioorganic Chemistry (Bioor. Khimia) 1998
?. 24.
? 10. ?. 787-793.
4. A.P.Kaplun, Le Bang Son, Yu.M. Krasnopolsky, V.I.Shvets. Liposomes and
nanoparticles as drug delivery systems.// Vopros. med. khimii(Russian). (in

Address for corresponding:
Le Bang Son
Dep. Biotechnology
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology
Pr.Vernadskogo 86
117571 Moscow, Russia
E-mail: biotechnology at mtu-net.ru

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