Peer Review of Ethylene Oxide and NDMA

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>Subject:      Peer Review of Ethylene Oxide and NDMA
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>A peer review meeting will be held on August 12 in Ottawa, Ontario to
>discuss assessments on ethylene oxide and NDMA.  A panel of expert
>scientists will review these assessments which have been written by
>Health Canada as part of the Priority Substances Program under the
>Canadian Environmental Protection Act.
>The peer review panel is made up of experts from industry, government,
>consulting, and academia, creating a balanced panel, while carefully
>managing potential conflict of interest issues.  The meeting will be
>open to the public.  Observers must pre-register as space is limited.
>These independent peer reviews are organized by Toxicology Excellence
>for Risk Assessment (TERA); a non-profit corporation dedicated to the
>best use of toxicity data for risk assessment.  More information about
>the peer review program, including a list of approved reviewers and
>summaries from previous meetings can be found at
>http://www.tera.org/peer.  For more information or to register as an
>observer, contact Jacqueline Patterson at (513) 521-7426 or email
>patterson at tera.org.
>Jacqueline Patterson, M.En.
>Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)
>1757 Chase Ave.
>Cincinnati, OH 45231
>Phone 513-521-7426
>Fax 513-521-7428
>Patterson at tera.org

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