Toxicology of Aspartame (NutraSweet)

Betty Martini bettym19 at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 25 14:04:45 EST 1999

Does anyone know how to develop a test that would show the breakdown
products of this chemical poison - methanol, formaldehyde,
diketopiperazine, etc. where a physician would know the patient is
suffering from Aspartame Disease (now declared a world epidemc by H.
J. Roberts, M.D., who is publishing a medical text on the world
plague).  As neurosurgeon says in a lecture on www.dorway.com "the
reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and
cyanide."  We also need a test that shows whether it is in a product

A recent study in Spain shows the formaldehyde accumulates in the
cells, damages DNA, with 50% toxicity in the liver and substantial
amounts in the kidneys, adipose tissues, retina and brain.  

We have two support groups on line for the victims of Aspartame
Disease, but we need to be able to help the physicians in diagnosis.

Any help would be appreciated.


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