Toxicology of Aspartame (NutraSweet)

Onyx orionminor at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 23:58:30 EST 1999

Hello Betty,

I am 38 years of age and have been drinking diet Coke since the early 80's and 
Crystal Light teas since the mid 80's.  Other than a few traffic accidents, an 
impacted wisdom tooth and a perforated retina (not caused by Aspartame) I have 
not needed the services of a medical specialist nor have any of those doctors 
I have visited for normal human wear and tear seen anything "abnormal" within 
my body.  I've heard the rumors that Aspartame is dangerous but as of yet have 
not seen a uniformly accepted research document proving those dangers.  Since 
I do consume quite large doses of Aspartame (a gallon of Crystal Light and a 
liter of diet Coke per day are not uncommon) I would like to know where I can 
find unbiased research on this chemical that will back up your claims.



P.S.  Before diet Coke, I drank Tab.  Now THAT was a tasty cola.

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