REQ: Information about crotoxine (tropical rattlesnake venom)

Jorgemaier jorgemaier at topmail.de
Tue Mar 2 18:22:56 EST 1999

Who got information about "crotoxine", the venom of the
rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus) and its possible use in modern
So far I found a lots of technical informations on the web about
the venom,like its ingredients and so on, but I need some
practical aspects in modern medicine! What I've heard and read so

#That there are positive results/experiments concerning
liver-,breast- and skincancer
#That one could make a sirurgical glue from it.
#That it could possibly be used in blood-pressure treatment

Can anybody confirm any of the above mentioned subjects ?

I'd be grateful for more information(sources,links,text,persons)
about :

-WHO (pharmacy, laboratories, persons)is actually USING or
processing it or  its derivates?
-Does there exist a place, where you can buy it?
 (venom market in Rotterdam? contact? cost? )

please mail to Jorgemaier at topmail.de
(I´ll be travelling for 5 weeks, so there might not be a chance
to read NG's, but I will give a resume of the answers in this
group after returning) 

Thanx ahead
Jörg Bittlingmaier

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