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Check this site out: http://aitcom.net/NCchem/niosh.htm
for info on specific chemicals (MSDS and RTECS info) check this site:
Don't have anything on the noise, though.
OSHA I think is at www.osha.gov
This might come in handy for legal stuff: www.toxlaw.com
And finally, try this for grins: www.who.org/dsa/cat95/chem5.htm
It's a lot to wade through, but
Best of luck,

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To whom.........
I am a 51 year old male who until 6 Dec 1998 was in good physical
health.....I work on a tug boat and was on a barge and noticed that my
equilibrium was not up to par...
I noticed that the right side of my head around the temporal area was
swollen....I went to a Dr. and he took a blood sample and checked my SED
Rate ....it was 3....
I went to my family Dr. and he sent me to a neurologist who found that
my sinuses on the right side were packed...(x-ray,CT)....Treated with
Augmentin and Guefenasin (sp)...The sinuses are now normal .
The swelling became worse in the coming weeks and the disequilibriun has
come to the point of me having to use a cane for balance . I have a
terrible time maintaining my balance in the dark .............There is a
continuous ringing in my right ear, a tingleing in my fingers and my
gait is wide and short.
I have been checked by 3 Neurologists - 3 Occ Health DR's - a ENT -
Opthamologist-2 Family Dr's- Dentist-and Naturopath....Nobody will give
a definite cause for the symptoms.
My treatment has taken a wait and see approach and I will start a
dizziness clinic next week after another check with an ENT Doctor.
My Occupation has me in contact with Noise levels between 80 and 130
db....I wear hearing protection in the higher range...ie ..engine room.
I have been directly and indirectly exposed to a very filthy
airconditioning unit and the chemical Hexane, an industrial degreaser.
Phosphoric Acid...and Diesel oil....Paints containing solvents....and
typical household cleaners and chemicals....
Today the swelling is mainly in the cheek and temporal area and above a
few inches....Occuring mostly in the morning ...decreasing by late
The disequilibrium continues as does the ringing and tingling, I have a
hard time with memory and fine motor movements....I have had no pain,
However am quite fatigued.

All major diseases have been ruled out...ie.. MS, Tumors, Cancer,
Syphilis, AIDS,Temporal Arturitis, Lyme Disease,etc.. All tests have
come back
negitive...CT'S...MRI's...X-ray's, Chest X-ray....blood tests checking
for 23 items...all normal.

The Doctor's have been zeroing in on Hexane exposure as a likely cause.

Any comments from this Group?


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