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Tue Mar 23 13:38:49 EST 1999

I am a post-graduate student (second year of education) of Ecology
department Kazan State University Russia.  My scientific supervisor ( Ph.D.
Zobov Vladimir) and I investigate toxicity of tetralkylammonium derivatives
of  6-Methyluracil.  The  new class  of specific acetylcholinesterase
inhibitors doesn't containing acetylating and alkylating groups was  found
out.   This agent were found in Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical

 Some agents of this class:
(1) demonstrate irreversible and time progressing character of  in-
gibition  of acetylcholinesterase at the concentration of 0,1-1 nM;
(2) possess the selectivity of interaction with acetylcholinesterase
10000-100000 times higher than with butyrylcholinesterase.
(3)are of  low  toxisity  ( about 1 mg/kg) and have more wide
miorelaxing  effect (DL50/DE50 =100).

We research different  sides  of pharmacological activity of new agents is
continuing on mammals as well as on hydrobionts - Daphnia magna and
Chironomus riparius, Protoxkit FTM (Tetrahymena thermofila), Thamnotoxkit
FTM (Thamnocephalus platyurus), Algaltoxkit FTM (Selenastrum capricornatum)
and so on.

I particularly research this agents by invertabrates (it is known that
Daphnia has  same neuro-muscle receptors as mammals).

Excuse me if my letter was so large or confusion. I will be pleasure for
you for any advices, suggestions or may be some collaboration work.
If you know any e-mails of scientists who investigate Daphnia or toxicity
of cholinergic agents please send it to me.

Thank you very much. Best wishes Leonid Beresinsky.

My scientific postal adress is:

 420088 Russia, Kazan, Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry,
 Dr. Zobov Vladimir  / for Beresinsky Leonid/
e-mail:  stuff at tatincom.ru
            zobov at iopc.kcn.ru

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