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A final-year Microbiology student has requested information about tests for
She has added selenate (of Selenium -Se) to S.pombe yeast in the exponential
phase of growth.   She has been told that it will now have become Selenite,
and is wishing to test
a)  the yeast cells
b)  the supernatant
c)  the washings

The yeast culture was coentrifuged, and so the cells were separated from the
supernatant.   The cells were washed in dH2O, and then frozen.
She has to find if the cells have taken up the Se, and if it is the washings
or if it remained in the supernatant.
The only was she knows how to do this is by atomic absorbtionm and needs to
find a way to test for Se without the use of what her university describes
as expensive machinery.
Can you think of anyone or anywhere she could find out how to test for the
presence of Selenium/Selenite in the washings and supernatant.
She says that she has tried her supervisor, university chemistry staff,
books and the Internet,  without success, and would appreciate any advice,
which I will pass on.

Norman Birbeck
n.birbeck at uclan.ac.uk or
norman.birbeck at btinternet.com

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