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The Dictionary of Toxicology 2nd edition, published by Grove's Dictionaries,
is now available at the publisher's website for 20% off the list price.

You can also view sample articles taken from the Dictionary on the following,
including chemical diagrams or illustrations, CAS numbers, cross-references to
other articles, and a list of references.
-extracted list of references

Dictionary coverage includes:
-biochemical and mechanistic toxicology
-environmental toxicology
-regulatory toxicology
-toxic chemicals (with structures and CAS numbers)
-chemical carcinogenesis
-diagnosis and treatment of toxic substances
-risk assessment and risk management
-measurement of toxicity
-environmental pollutants
-organizations, government bodies and associations in North America and Europe
-guide to other major toxicology literature sources

For more information or to order online, please browse:


ALSO AVAILABLE: Medical Selection of Life Risks for 15% off the list
price--the definitive resource for those in the medical insurance profession.


Therese Ng
Grove's Dictionaries

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