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I'm not a md but when I was younger I had viral encephylitis and symptons
were similar, at least the md's called it that.  Have they mentioned that?


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> To whom.........
> I am a 51 year old male who until 6 Dec 1998 was in good physical
> health.....I work on a tug boat and was on a barge and noticed that my
> equilibrium was not up to par...
> I noticed that the right side of my head around the temporal area was
> swollen....I went to a Dr. and he took a blood sample and checked my SED
> Rate ....it was 3....
> I went to my family Dr. and he sent me to a neurologist who found that
> my sinuses on the right side were packed...(x-ray,CT)....Treated with
> Augmentin and Guefenasin (sp)...The sinuses are now normal .
> The swelling became worse in the coming weeks and the disequilibriun has
> come to the point of me having to use a cane for balance . I have a
> terrible time maintaining my balance in the dark .............There is a
> continuous ringing in my right ear, a tingleing in my fingers and my
> gait is wide and short.
> I have been checked by 3 Neurologists - 3 Occ Health DR's - a ENT -
> Opthamologist-2 Family Dr's- Dentist-and Naturopath....Nobody will give
> a definite cause for the symptoms.
> My treatment has taken a wait and see approach and I will start a
> dizziness clinic next week after another check with an ENT Doctor.
> My Occupation has me in contact with Noise levels between 80 and 130
> db....I wear hearing protection in the higher range...ie ..engine room.
> I have been directly and indirectly exposed to a very filthy
> airconditioning unit and the chemical Hexane, an industrial degreaser.
> Phosphoric Acid...and Diesel oil....Paints containing solvents....and
> typical household cleaners and chemicals....
> Today the swelling is mainly in the cheek and temporal area and above a
> few inches....Occuring mostly in the morning ...decreasing by late
> afternoon...
> The disequilibrium continues as does the ringing and tingling, I have a
> hard time with memory and fine motor movements....I have had no pain,
> However am quite fatigued.
> All major diseases have been ruled out...ie.. MS, Tumors, Cancer,
> Syphilis, AIDS,Temporal Arturitis, Lyme Disease,etc.. All tests have
> come back
> negitive...CT'S...MRI's...X-ray's, Chest X-ray....blood tests checking
> for 23 items...all normal.
> The Doctor's have been zeroing in on Hexane exposure as a likely cause.
> Any comments from this Group?
> Steve

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