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>                      Sponsored by the 
>        Center for Environmental Information and the
>University of Rochester Environmental Health Sciences Center
>Saturday, June 5, 1999, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
>Eisenhart Auditorium, Rochester Museum & Science Center, 657 East
>Avenue (Program supported by NIEHS Grant ESO1247)
>Children, from prenatal through adolescent, are more sensitive to small
>amounts of hazardous agents in the environment than are adults. In
>addition to known developmental impacts, childhood exposure to certain
>substances, such as heavy metals, is now suspected of planting the seeds
>for health problems encountered later in life. For example, environmental
>factors including secondhand smoke and ambient air pollution levels are
>implicated in the increased incidence of childhood asthma.
>"Environmental Threats to Children's Health" will provide the latest
>information on topics including food safety, indoor air pollution,
>exposure to lead, household hazards, smoking, and reproductive hazards.
>Time for audience discussion will follow each presentation.
>Saturday, June 5, 1999
>8:30 a.m. Registration and Coffee
>8:50 Welcome and Introduction
>9:00 Food Quality Protection Act
>Bernard Weiss, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine*+
>9:45 The Role of Indoor Environment on Childhood Asthma
>William S. Beckett, MD, MPH, Professor of Environmental Medicine and
>Medicine; Medical Director, Finger Lakes Occupational Health Services*+
>10:30 Break
>11:00 Protecting Children from Lead in the Environment
>Lee Houston, Lead Poisoning Program, Monroe County Department of Health
>11:45 Household Poisons, Hazards and Plants
>Paul Wax, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine*
>12:30 p.m. Lunch Break
>1:00 Smoking - Maternal and Secondary
>Andrew Aligne, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Rochester General Hospital*
>1:45 Reproductive Hazards
>Richard Miller, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology*+
>2:30 Identification of Susceptible Populations
>To be announced
>3:15 Closing Remarks
>3:30 Adjourn
>*University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
>+Environmental Health Sciences Center
>- Health Care Providers
>- Neighborhood Associations
>- Community Groups
>- Municipal Officials
>- Industry Representatives
>- Health Insurers
>- Educators
>- Consultants
>- Agency Staff
>- Students
>- Environmentalists
>- Interested Parents and Citizens
>The Center for Environmental Information (CEI) is a private, nonprofit,
>educational organization, founded in Rochester, New York, in 1974. CEI
>provides information and communication services, publications, and
>educational programs.
>The Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) at the University of
>Rochester is one of 11 nationwide biomedical centers supported by the
>National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to study the
>mechanisms and effects of environmental agents on human health. See our
>Web site, www.envmed.rochester.edu, for more information.
>Fees (all per person)
>Fees include admittance, handouts and refreshments.
>Forum Registration: $10, includes box lunch; $8 without lunch Student
>Registration: No Charge; attach copy of current I.D. to registration form.
>Add $5.00 if box lunch is desired, or bring your own.
>Parking and Directions
>Parking is available at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, which is
>located at the corner of East Avenue and South Goodman Street. Please park
>in the large lot behind the Strasenburgh Planetarium. The conference will
>be held in the Eisenhart Auditorium in the Gannett School of Science &
>Check, payable to Center for Environmental Information, must accompany
>registration, or charge to Mastercard/Visa. Please mail the registration
>form with payment to: Center for Environmental Information, 55(F) St. Paul
>Street, Rochester, NY  14604-1314
>Registrations at-the-door are accepted, but early registration is
>recommended as seating is limited!
>Register me for:
>_____ Forum
>_____ Student (attach copy of current I.D.)
>___________________   ___________________
>Phone                 Fax
>Registration Fee (see "Registration Information")  $ _____
>Lunch: _____ turkey _____ beef _____ tuna  ____ none
>_____ Charge to my Mastercard/Visa Account #
>Signature _________________ Exp. Date ______
>(Charge registrations may be faxed to CEI at 716-262-4156.)
>For additional comments or questions about the conference, contact:
>Bill Wagner                                         Phone:  (716) 262-2870
>Center for Environmental Information                  Fax:  (716) 262-4156
>Rochester, New York                          http://www.awa.com/nature/cei

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