Current Protocols Intranet: Demo

Steve O'Keefe excerpt at tenagra.com
Fri Oct 1 18:25:53 EST 1999

Now John Wiley & Sons' Current Protocols series is available for site
licenses in a comprehensive, convenient format, "Current Protocols
Intranet".  Just turn on your workstation, and the entire content of every
Current Protocols volume -- diagrams and all -- is right there, completely
searchable.  To view this brand-new interface, which will enable you to
search across all Current Protocols publications and examine a full
chapter of each one, visit an interactive demo:


"CP Intranet" runs on your institution's file server, and anyone with a
workstation can access it in its entirety. The Intranet is Web-based, so
no proprietary software is needed.  All of the protocols and data of
Wiley's authoritative series are literally at your fingertips, from proper
adjustment and alignment of the microscope to the expression of cloned
receptors in mammalian cell lines.

This new format represents a new step in the development of scientific
research tools.  Installed easily, accessible by all -- no need to wait
and see if the volume you want has been returned to the library or lab --
and updated every three months with new information, the "Current
Protocols Intranet" is an invaluable tool for any researcher.

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