heavy metals in two kids

Tock Tock at ticnet.com
Thu Oct 7 23:41:36 EST 1999

Sure hope you have sense enough to trust your family doctor's advice before
falling to the Scientology (a cult started by a science fiction writer) crap
someone posted . . .

david moore wrote in message ...
just getting started in trying to get directed to resources re: possible
toxicity in 2 kids, age 2 and 4. they have had reports worked up from hair
samples. approx. 6 (or more?) other families scattered in the area are
reporting problems. an attorney is investigating.

no noticeable sypmtoms, except possibly a lengthy asthmatic like "cold" for
the youngest. parents are being "advised" about $1700/ea blood tests. i
don't have the hair reports in front of me, but would appreciate any
links/suggestions you might know of offhand. thanks.

david moore

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