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wrain <squirrel at echelon.alias.net> wrote in message
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> Read http://www.fc.net/~wrain for the truth about this net abuser,
> child molester and rapist.

I think that you had better be more careful in your choice of words when
libeling someone with a fairly common name.  I happen to know of THREE David
Moores.  One is a retired WCCO-TV newsman, talented actor, and published
author.  Another is a former coin & paper money dealer and close friend for
a number of years (the kookiest of the lot).  And the third is a well-known
college professor.  NONE of these three individuals, to the best of my
knowledge, have any history as sexual predators.

There is yet another David Moore who has posted to
news:comp.software.year-2000 or other Y2k-related newsgroups.  I don't know
the man but his Usenet behavior seemed within reason, from what I recall.  I
even asked in a post whether he was one of the David Moores that I may have

Doubtless there are hundreds of other David Moores with equally clear
criminal records -- I cannot speak for their traffic records, however.  ;-)
In any event, I am certain that their attorneys might take a very dim view
of your wild assertions that might be construed as defaming what might be
otherwise described as "fine upstanding citizens".

If you have personal knowledge of a sexual predator, you must also have
arrest record and court records that would uniquely identify the
perpetrator.  Post THAT information along with a carefully worded disclaimer
to let all of the innocent David Moores off the hook.  To do otherwise
places YOU in the crosshairs of a number of defamation complaints.

For the record I also know four Jim Smiths, two Chuck Davis', and three
Steve B's (sorry, they all have different last names).  Heck, I even know OF
two other Scott Secors -- there could be more of us.

Just a little constructive criticism.  Heed it or ignore it at your


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