Warning regarding david moore <davidrmoore01@email.msn.com>

The Tyrant godfreym at nospamhotmail.com
Sun Oct 10 14:12:18 EST 1999

D. Scott Secor;

   Please note that Wrain, stated that "davidmoore01 at email.msn.com "

is a rapist, and child molestor... he specified the exsact David moore...
Please go to his/her web site and look at the public slander by this person,
towards (now that he/she named this david moore) david moore.

The Tyrant.

D. Scott Secor - Millennial Infarction Mitigator wrote in message ...
>wrain <squirrel at echelon.alias.net> wrote in message
>news:c2c032e53f3a896eb1b842a0ac459f7d at anonymous.poster...
>> Read http://www.fc.net/~wrain for the truth about this net abuser,
>> child molester and rapist.
>I think that you had better be more careful in your choice of words when
>libeling someone with a fairly common name.  I happen to know of THREE
>Moores.  One is a retired WCCO-TV newsman, talented actor, and published
>author.  Another is a former coin & paper money dealer and close friend for
>a number of years (the kookiest of the lot).  And the third is a well-known
>college professor.  NONE of these three individuals, to the best of my
>knowledge, have any history as sexual predators.
>There is yet another David Moore who has posted to
>news:comp.software.year-2000 or other Y2k-related newsgroups.  I don't know
>the man but his Usenet behavior seemed within reason, from what I recall.
>even asked in a post whether he was one of the David Moores that I may have
>Doubtless there are hundreds of other David Moores with equally clear
>criminal records -- I cannot speak for their traffic records, however.  ;-)
>In any event, I am certain that their attorneys might take a very dim view
>of your wild assertions that might be construed as defaming what might be
>otherwise described as "fine upstanding citizens".
>If you have personal knowledge of a sexual predator, you must also have
>arrest record and court records that would uniquely identify the
>perpetrator.  Post THAT information along with a carefully worded
>to let all of the innocent David Moores off the hook.  To do otherwise
>places YOU in the crosshairs of a number of defamation complaints.
>For the record I also know four Jim Smiths, two Chuck Davis', and three
>Steve B's (sorry, they all have different last names).  Heck, I even know
>two other Scott Secors -- there could be more of us.
>Just a little constructive criticism.  Heed it or ignore it at your
>D. Scott Secor, Year 2000 Institute & Board of Inquiry, Mpls., MN USA
>Define "Compliance" or "Readiness" in 500 words or less.  Originality
>and lack of conformity will be awarded extra credit!  http://y2k.board.org/

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