Warning regarding david moore <davidrmoore01@email.msn.com>

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Sun Oct 10 16:02:53 EST 1999

The Tyrant <godfreym at nospamhotmail.com> wrote in message
news:my5M3.15291$5i5.523569 at typhoon.mbnet.mb.ca...
>    Please note that Wrain, stated that "davidmoore01 at email.msn.com "
> is a rapist, and child molestor... he specified the exsact David moore...
> Please go to his/her web site and look at the public slander by this
> towards (now that he/she named this david moore) david moore.

Was this the same fellow who had been posting in Y2k groups and to whom I
directed a whimsical exchange regarding the fact that I knew others of the
same name?  If the accusations were indeed true  --  YIKES!

I briefly skimmed the site (some pages were under development), and noticed
no relevant references to pedophelia or rape (there may have been a link
hidden away somewhere).  The net abuse was obvious, however.  Was I too
hasty in my cursory glance?

I still contend that posting of relevant criminal records (police records
and court documents) would better serve O'Connor and Reinhagen's cause.
Things being what they are these days, the damned perps seem to have all of
the rights anyway.


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