Warning regarding david moore <davidrmoore01@email.msn.com>

The Tyrant godfreym at nospamhotmail.com
Tue Oct 12 16:19:58 EST 1999

Comments inserted though out.

D. Scott Secor - Millennial Infarction Mitigator wrote in message ...
>The Tyrant <godfreym at nospamhotmail.com> wrote in message
>news:my5M3.15291$5i5.523569 at typhoon.mbnet.mb.ca...
>>    Please note that Wrain, stated that "davidmoore01 at email.msn.com "
>> is a rapist, and child molestor... he specified the exsact David moore...
>> Please go to his/her web site and look at the public slander by this
>> towards (now that he/she named this david moore) david moore.
>Was this the same fellow who had been posting in Y2k groups and to whom I
>directed a whimsical exchange regarding the fact that I knew others of the
>same name?  If the accusations were indeed true  --  YIKES!

I don't know

>I briefly skimmed the site (some pages were under development), and noticed
>no relevant references to pedophelia or rape (there may have been a link
>hidden away somewhere).  The net abuse was obvious, however.  Was I too
>hasty in my cursory glance?

Yes.. there are some quoted usenet postings there, and using
www.dejanews.com I did verify that they exsist.. but it did not ever point
to the David Moore that this person is refering too.

>I still contend that posting of relevant criminal records (police records
>and court documents) would better serve O'Connor and Reinhagen's cause.
>Things being what they are these days, the damned perps seem to have all of
>the rights anyway.
>D. Scott Secor, Year 2000 Institute & Board of Inquiry, Mpls., MN USA
>Give me your tired, your poor, your clue-impaired masses yearning to be
>"compliant" ... URL:  http://y2k.board.org/  Alias: http://thrill.to/2000/

I could not agree more.
If this person has physical evidence (reports, etc) of what he/she claims
"davidmoore01 at email.msn.com " did, then lets see them, if not I personally
would like to refer "davidmoore01 at email.msn.com " to a few Attorneys... the
money would be nice (if Y2K does not clog the courts up).

The Tyrant.
Why is a Tyrant defending someone he does not know?

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