peanut lobby?

Daniel Byrd ctraps at RADIX.NET
Wed Oct 13 08:32:38 EST 1999

Elke30 wrote:

> It should be noted that this writer is a well known advocate for
industry.  He
> even opposed a new law limiting pesticides on the grounds that poor
> would starve if pesticides were banned.

Yes, I did oppose unwarented and unnecessary limitations on pesticides.
I still
do.  The principle I advocate is that the risk of using a pesticide
outweigh the risk of not using the pesticide, before restricting it
regulation.  Some poor people are starving now.  I said that more would
unnecessarily under FQPA.  Much of FQPA makes little or no sense.  I
have not
changed my mind.

> His "company" is simply a lobby organization for the peanut industry.

Wrong.  (1) We do not lobby at all.  We are a scientific consulting firm
provides product safety, regulatory toxicology, risk assessment, and
modeling services to industry, government, think-tanks, and nonprofit
organizations. (2) We have never received a penny from the peanut

How do you form your ideas, Elke30?


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