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Kristofer D. Dale wrote:

> Interesting, have you witnessed any situations where such risks (long-term
> effects of pesticide residues on assimilation of nutrients and the possible
> deleterious effects on immune function) were deemed preponderant enough to
> abandon development of a specific product?

For the registered pesticides I have examined in detail (e.g., several
of the
organophosphates), no.  In a more general sense, I have to give a
answer.  I have not looked at all pesticides, and I would particularly
suspicious of some of the older generation of pesticides that are
biopersistent for possible long-term, subtle effects on plants and soil
fertility.  Your question also seems to cover unregistered pesticides
candidate pesticides under development).  I do not have access to such
but I think that the standard tests required for registration detect
candidates with deleterious effects on the immune system.  It seems most
likely that scientists working for the manufacturing companies eliminate
substances before submission for registration.  It seems pointless to
significant anti-immune effects and undergo the expense of submitting
candidate for registration, knowing that EPA's scientists will reject
Whatever the case, I have never seen an anti-immune effect that both the
registrant and EPA failed to detect.


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