Lidocaine metabolites immunoactive? (Was: Re: Local anesthetic a carcinogen (Was: Re: Amalgam study))

Brian Sandle bsandle at southern.co.nz
Fri Oct 22 08:27:28 EST 1999

In sci.med.dentistry Brian Sandle <bsandle at southern.co.nz> wrote:: :   Carcinogenesis 1994 Oct;15(10):2287-90
: :   
: :2,6-Dimethylaniline--hemoglobin adducts from lidocaine in humans.
: : 
: :    Bryant MS, Simmons HF, Harrell RE, Hinson JA
: J Autoimmun 1995 Apr;8(2):293-303
: Autoantibodies to cryptic epitopes of C-reactive protein and other acute
: phase proteins in the toxic oil syndrome.
: Bell SA, Du Clos TW, Khursigara G, Picazo JJ, Rubin RL
: Toxic oil syndrome (TOS) was caused by the consumption of rapeseed oil
: contaminated with derivatives of aniline. Many persons who survived the
: acute phase developed a puzzling, multi-year chronic disease considered to
: be inflammatory or autoimmune in nature.
Lidocaine can be immediately a problem for some people. An allergic 
reaction occurs. But could there be a longer term problem caused by 
aniline metabolites of lidocaine?

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