Lidocaine, immunotoxicity, and chronic diseases?

Brian Sandle bsandle at SOUTHERN.CO.NZ
Thu Oct 28 00:06:03 EST 1999

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, c. miller wrote:

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> Subject: Lidocaine, immunotoxicity, and chronic diseases? 
> Brian Sandle posed some interesting questions about lidocaine metabolism,
> dimethylaniline, immunoreactivity, and chronic disease(s) below.
> I was wondering about the titers of aniline-albumin, aniline-hemoglobin (or
> other protein) antibodies following lidocaine anesthesia. Are they
> detectable? Is there an anti-idiotypic response as well?
> Aniline is a reasonably good hapten. Perhaps following lidocaine treatment
> (and its metabolism) as the primary immune challenge, it seems possible
> that aniline (or related compounds) exposure could be common enough of an
> environmental factor to perpetuate some level of chronic immune response
> (at least in some people).

Searching the databases for various combinations of
cognitive affective prenatal perinatal birth anesthetic epidural 
lidocaine bupivacaine
shows some adverse effects in infancy of prenatal or perinatal 
anesthetic exposure.

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