Does weight loss cause mobilization of toxicants from fat ?

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c. miller wrote in message ...
>My colleagues and I have been discussing whether weight loss in humans
>leads to mobilization of lipophilic toxins into the blood or other
>compartments. A search of Medline indicates there is little information on
>this topic, and the studies I did find suggest that there is NOT a
>relationship between weght loss and toxicant mobilization (e.g. Does
>p,p'-DDE in blood, brain, liver, or breast milk increase in dieters?). Is
>the mobilization of lypophilic toxins by weight loss just another "urban
>myth" ? Any pointers to actual references that address this issue will be
>appreciated. I will post a summary of replies to the group.
>Thanks in advance,
This is not an uncommon phenomenon in laboratory animals.  According to
Cassarett and Doull's Toxicology (Fifth Edition), signs of intoxication can
be produced by short-term starvation of animals that were previously exposed
to organochlorine pesticides.  I would bet that going through the references
at the end of Chapter 5 should produce some good references.

Good luck!


Ann R. Schnitz, Ph.D.
Newark, DE

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