Toxicology Testing

Wood cjwood at globalnet.co.uk
Mon Sep 6 17:16:18 EST 1999

Dear Jim,

If you find that your problems do come from toxins, a really effective way of
getting them out of your system is a detoxification programme called The
Purification Programme which was developed by L. Ron Hubbard.  For more details,
visit http://www.lronhubbardprofile.org/purif2.htm

Hoipe it helps.

Regards - John Wood

Jim Henzler wrote:

> Does anyone know if U.S. cities offer any kind of toxic testing for
> homeowners?  My wife and I have lived in our home here in Phoenix, AZ for
> the past 10 years....we've been sick off and on for most of that time.  I'm
> beginning to suspect that the builder might have used some type of toxic
> construction materials.  Checking around the neighborhood, I find that
> others have been experiencing medical problems; moreso than they had
> previously.
>   As a footnote, houseplants that we purchase die off within 3 months for no
> apparent reason.
>   If anyone has any information or knows of any toxic screening for
> homeowners, please contact me.  Thanks for your time.
> Jim Henzler
> squeak at swlink.net

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