Does weight loss cause mobilization of toxicants from fat ?

Chuck Miller rellim at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU
Thu Sep 9 20:44:35 EST 1999

Wood replied and gave a reference to web site that suggested people could
purge toxicants from their system. The focus of this site seemed to be
mainly related to removal of drugs of abuse, rather than organochlorine
pesticides and other long-lived toxicants that are refractory to metabolism.
Furthermore, I did not see any evidence that toxicants were actually
mobilized from the fat pool from the info at the web site.

Some colleagues of mine did an experiment. They loaded cultured adipocytes
with a labeled organochlorine, removed the extracellular compound as best as
they could, and then tried to mobilize the compound by stimulating lipid
metabolism in various ways. The organochlorine compound stayed in the cells,
although the cells did lose lipid content. Does this result mean that the
fat pool of hydrophobic toxicants is largely immobile, and perhaps
toxicologically inert? Peer-reviewed references that pertain to this
question would be nice.


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