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Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors Program (BCERF)
Website eUpdate

BCERF strives to provide information on environmental risk factors and the
risk of breast cancer and other hormonal dependent cancers.  We provide
information in a variety of forms that allows our readers to make informed
decisions for the reduction of breast cancer risk.

        Welcome to the e-Update for the Breast Cancer and Environmental
Risk Factors Program in New York State (BCERF).  This is a new service
provided by BCERF to keep our sponsors and supporters  informed of changes
and additions to the website.  Thank you for your interest in our program
and web site.

        To Drop:   If you no longer wish to receive notification of the
improvements and information available on the BCERF website please notify
the webmaster.
Email to:   MS154 at cornell.edu  All you need is "remove from eUpdate" in the
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        To Add:   If you know of someone who might like to receive updates
of the BCERF website  they  can add themselves to the notification list by
visiting http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/   Click on the button "Response
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This database is searchable by key word or author, and contains citations
on  breast cancer and environmental risk factors, as well as, cutting edge
papers on occupational exposures and cancer risk, the biology of breast
cancer, genetics and breast cancer risk.
        Newly updated on 8.13.99 to 4,012 entries.
        URL:  http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/libsearch.t


The Critical Evaluation for Atrazine is out of the 30 day review period and
the final version was posted in June.  It is available in .pdf file format
and can be opened with the Adobe acrobat  reader.

        Atrazine's Breast Cancer Risk, (Formatted-PDF)


The past months have seen an increase in the factsheets that are available
on-line.   We have added factsheets to the pesticides group, as well as to
the diet and lifestyle group.

New Pesticide Factsheets Include -

        Chlorpyrifos and Breast Cancer Risk

        Dichlorvos and Breast Cancer Risk

New Diet and Lifestyle Factsheets Include -

        Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer Risk
        URL: http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/factsheet/Diet/fs27.fat.t

        Breast Feeding and Breast Cancer Risk

        Exercise and Breast Cancer Risk

For an overview of all the available BCERF factsheets check out -
        URL: http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/factsheet/fctsht.t


In July several new bibliographies on the role of diet and exercise  in
breast cancer risk were added to the web site.  The topics covered in these
bibliographies include:
dietary fat, exercise, and breast feeding.
        URL: http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/bibliographies/Diet/bib.brfeed.t
        URL: http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/bibliographies/Diet/bib.fat.t

A new pesticide bibliography about chemical residues on food was added to
the web site in July.

These bibliographies and many more can be found on
        URL: http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/bibliographies/biblist.t


The next BCERF adhoc meeting will be held on October, 1999  in White
Plains, NY.


        You can read the newest issue of the BCERF newsletter, "The
Ribbon", on-line.  The 1998/99 Winter issue of the newsletter (v4i2) is
available on the web in both html and pdf formats.
        URL:  http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/newsletter/ribbonChrono.t

Lead articles include -
 (from Spring 99)
        Prostate Cancer: Rates and Possible Risk Factors,
                an interview with Dr. Otis W. Brawley
        Research Commentary: Mammographic Densities and Breast Cancer Risk

These articles and many more can be found on
        URL:  http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/bcerf/newsletter/ribbonChrono.t

Look for the Fall Issue of "The Ribbon" coming this month.
Mari Stewart <ms154 at cornell.edu>
Webmaster/Science Writer
BCERF  / Cornell U.
110 Rice Hall  5-9157

"Serena in super, in subter laboro demens"
Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors Program (BCERF)
Website eUpdate

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