More Sauna Detoxification References

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Here is the remainder (for now).  Hope this helps.  Please let me know your


Tretjak Z, Beckmann S, Tretjak A & Gunnerson C (1989) - Occupational,
environmental and public health in Semic: A case study of polychlorinated
(PCB) pollution.  In Post-Audits of Environmental Programs & Projects, C
Gunnerson, ed, ASCE, New York, NY, pp 57-72

Tretjak Z, Root DE, Tretjak A, Slivnik R, Edmondson E, Graves R & Beckmann
SL (1990) - Xenobiotic reduction and clinical improvements in capacitor
A feasible method. J Env Sci & Health, A25:731-751

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sebaceous glands: A case report. J Toxicol - Cut & Ocular Toxicol 6:13-17

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firemen exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs): Possible improvement after

detoxification.  Arch Env Health 44:345-350

Shields M, Beckmann SL & Cassidy-Brinn G (1989) - Improvement in perception
of transcutaneous nerve stimulation following detoxification in firefighters
exposed to
PCBs, PCDDs & PCDFs.  Clinical Ecology 6:47-50

Root DE, Katzin DB, Schnare DW (1985) - Diagnosis and treatment of patients
presenting subclinical signs and symptoms of exposure to chemicals which
bioaccumulate in human tissue.  In: Proceedings of the National Conference on
Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Emergencies, May 14-16

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