Metalic Mercury toxicity

Ioannis Galidakis jgal at ath.forthnet.gr
Wed Sep 22 11:56:01 EST 1999

I was wondering if anyone has some exact toxicological quantitative
details on metalic Mercury.
Long time ago, I ingested about 3 grams of metalic Mercury and
subsequently (after about a month) developed kidney stones on both
kidneys within a one week's interval. So it appears that the body was
able to metabolize the small
quantity into some unknown(?) compound.
On the other hand, I remember an old Mozart biographical where
syphylidics were drinking whole glasses of it.
Does anyone know for sure, the exact health risks from ingesting small
or large quantities of metalic mercury?
I have already checked the site:
<http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/ToxProfiles/phs8916.html> given by c.miller
but it only mentions effects from mercury vapour.
Thanx in advance.
I will check the newsgroup for responses but my server often misses
articles. Please cc your answer to my address as well.
Ioannis Galidakis jgal at ath.forthnet.gr

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