Metalic Mercury toxicity

Kristofer D. Dale barefoot at nmia.com
Wed Sep 22 16:56:24 EST 1999

: I was wondering if anyone has some exact toxicological quantitative
: details on metalic Mercury.

You might find it interesting that a world renowned authority on metal
toxicity managed to die from exposure to mercury in her own labratory.
In general, metal ions that bind sulfur compounds have an adverse
effect on immunity, and can have devastating consequences to health and
longevity over the long run, regardless of short term symptoms or the
lack of them if exposure is too low to manifest immediately. The chart
at http://www.highfiber.com/~galenvtp/vtlrefab.htm compares various
metals according to this binding ability, and the manner in which such
metals interfere with immune function is outlined in the section at

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