Metalic Mercury toxicity

Eli Hestermann ehestermann at whoi.edu
Fri Sep 24 10:57:01 EST 1999

"Kristofer D. Dale" wrote:

> : I was wondering if anyone has some exact toxicological quantitative
> : details on metalic Mercury.
> You might find it interesting that a world renowned authority on metal
> toxicity managed to die from exposure to mercury in her own labratory.

If you're referring to Karen Wetterhahn, the compound was methyl mercury,
not mercury itself.  I make the distinction because there is a difference
in the degree and kind of safety precautions required to work with the two
compounds, and because they are often confused in casual discussions of
metal toxicity.

The accident caused those who knew Dr. Wetterhahn to reexamine safety
precautions in their own laboratories.
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