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There seems to be a new, bio-compatible composite on the market:


Successor to amalgam developed!
New biologically compatible lifelike tooth coloured filling material
from Degussa to be introduced in the

Frankfurt am Main April 16, 1998 - 28e/98

The next few days will see the launch of a brand-new, bio-compatible
filling material for front and back teeth to replace previous
filling materials (such as amalgam or plastic) in the mouth. Developed
by Degussa AG of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the
material is organo-ceramic in character and "impressive in its
revolutionary properties such as biocompatibility and maximum
stress tolerance", as Dr. Matthias Kuhner, dentist and head of
Degussa's Professional Dental Products Business Area, explains.

Compatible with the human body

When developing the new material, researchers at Degussa's Dental
Division relied strongly on many years of accumulated
experience with dental filling materials. DEFINITE - the brand name of
the new amalgam substitute - is an "ormocer" (an
ORganically MOdified CERamic) that is compatible with the human body.
This compatibility results from the fact that the new
filling material does not release any traceable residual monomers
after having been introduced into a tooth. This property has
been confirmed by subjecting DEFINITE to numerous studies and tests
which have been documented in a material-testing

Degussa's new filling material will help prevent secondary caries, a
condition that frequently develops around new dental fillings.
This is due to DEFINITE's lower polymerisation shrinking rate, which
has been reduced. This helps to minimise the risk that the
so-called marginal area - the gap between tooth and filling - will
provide a breeding ground for caries. In addition, in its capacity
as an "intelligent dental filling" DEFINITE will give off fluoride and
minerals to ward off acid attacks in the mouth after a meal
and thus provide natural protection against caries. 

High material stress tolerance 

But what use would the best caries protection be if the filling
material did not withstand the everyday routine of masticatory
work? Thanks to the optimally attuned properties of the Ormocer's
matrix and filling structure, DEFINITE exhibits a
substantially higher resistance to stress than familiar plastic
filling materials. This "low abrasion" property, as it is referred to
experts, in conjunction with extremely high durability makes the
material suitable for all applications in the front and back teeth
regions. This has been confirmed by Dr. Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann, senior
physician at the Munich University: "Based on current
knowledge, ormocers represent the most promising amalgam alternative".
Thanks to its wide range of applications DEFINITE is
able to replace previous filling materials. As a consequence, the
variety of materials in the patients' mouths will be greatly
reduced, as will the risk of possible allergies developing from such

Benefits for patient and dentist

In addition to bio-compatibility and durability, the patient will also
benefit from a sophisticated processing system. Thanks to
minimised shrinkage, the dentist can apply DEFINITE in only a few
layers. Also, separate etching steps on the tooth enamel,
which are standard for current plastic fillings, will be eliminated.
"Depending on the indication, the patient's health insurance may
not cover such treatment in full", says Dr. Kuhner. "On the other
hand, the patient will benefit from substantially improved quality
compared to conventional filling material". And the patient's radiant
smile will be displayed without flaws: DEFINITE has a
tooth-like colour, which can be individually adjusted to the patient's

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