DEFINITEly good news?

Hans Lennros hans.lennros at swipnet.se
Sun Sep 26 08:36:32 EST 1999

Hi Renate,

>Successor to amalgam developed! New biologically compatible
>lifelike tooth coloured filling material from Degussa to be introduced
>in the spring, Frankfurt am Main April 16, 1998 - 28e/98

Renate wrote:
>Hi Arie,

>this message is much too old. And, do not forget, that Degussa is the
>company which produced amalgams and was sued therefore, and which gave
>in before trial - just to get away with a rediculous microscopic sum to pay.

You're right. It is old news. I started to test Definite last year and it was no hit.

About Degussa: even sinners can repent .... right?
And that is a good thing. Especially since it is a large company with a team
of attorneys and a huge budget (they have lots and lots of money). The fact
that they backed down on the amalgam issue should be considered positive.

If such companies were not offered a way out, and something to fall back
on, they will keep fighting til the bitter end (i.e. the last dollar). They follow
the tobacco settlements closley and do not want to have a re-play of that.

That's a war we can do without.  Besides, it would take far too long time.

Remember that the anit-amalgam mob (Joel's words) are just practicing in
Europe for the big clash in North America (oups, maybe I shouldn't tell...)


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