Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

Hans Lennros hans.lennros at swipnet.se
Sun Sep 26 08:49:18 EST 1999

Hi Joel,

You wrote
>>I fully agree with Mats Hennson!!!
>Mats Hennson? Wasn't he the guy who invented the muppets?

No, he merely pointed out some old geezers, he didn't create them.

Mats Hansson is a living Encyclopedia on amalgam. He is a
scientist who has devoted his life to map the use of dental
amalgam, its fate in the body aswell as in the society.

Originally he started research on mercury in living systems
(basically he is a zoologist) and was chucked out of the scientific
community 18 years ago for writing an article saying that pregnant
mothers should not go through with extensive amalgam therapy.

Today that is common law (maybe not in the US) and also the
recommendations of many scientists and the manufacturers.

So things are changing, Joel, like it or not.


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