DEFINITEly good news?

Joel M. Eichen joele at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 26 10:38:12 EST 1999

"Hans Lennros" <hans.lennros at swipnet.se> wrote:

>Hi Joel,

>You wrote:
>>I hear that Sweden is going to offer reasonably priced composites...

>If you only knew how right you are !!!   What would you say if there
>was a rather inexpensive 'cold ceramic filling material'  with better
>properties than both amlagam and composite?  And easy to handle.

Sounds good!

>PS: Joel,  remember this post because you might be one of
>       the first US dentists to try it out clinically (since you
>       positioned yourself as someone who still see strict
>       indications for amalgam).   Interested?

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