Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

Joel M. Eichen joele at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 26 19:47:02 EST 1999

"Hans Lennros" <hans.lennros at swipnet.se> wrote:

>Hi Joel,

>You wrote:
>>AOL sends me many disks every month too.

>Aha, now I see why you can keep you CE budget so low.
>You load all your skills down from he Internet....

That's where I got my dental degree!

>"Hans Lennros"  wrote:
>>Hi Joel,
>>> CD with 5,000 scientific articles on amalgam and is selling it
>>> for " whatever -you-want-to-pay". Shall I have him send you one?

>>Joel wrote:
>>>It should be worth at least $1.

>Hans wrote:
>>Hey, hey, hey take it easy. One dollar is almost 5% of
>>your budget for Continued Education. Don't overstrain it !!!

>Joel wrote:
>AOL sends me many disks every month too. Its the content that makes
>the difference!


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