Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

Joel M. Eichen joele at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 27 05:48:10 EST 1999

"Hans Lennros" <hans.lennros at swipnet.se> wrote:

>Hi Joel,

>>That's where I got my dental degree!

>On composites ... I believe you.


In case anybody is wondering, most of dental education teaches us the
scientific rationale about dental science. Then we also learn
techniques such as drilling, preparing teeth for crowns and removing

A new technique such as placing (light-curing) composites involves a
couple of more steps -- bottles A, B, and C. You also need to know the
working properties of each material, such as, "moisture will
contaminate badly." You also need the experience of how this material
handles. How "it feels" if you will.

This is to dispell the notion that certain advanced degrees are
necessary to place composites. Plenty of plain old dentists are very
good at it. Plenty of fancy cosmetics dentists are too.




> Joel wrote:
>AOL sends me many disks every month too.
>That's where I got my dental degree!

>>Aha, now I see why you can keep you CE budget so low.
>>You load all your skills down from he Internet....

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