Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

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: The following Press Release From Germany has been translated by Mats
: Hanson, Ph.D. of Sweden. 

: arie

: BUND, Friends of the earth. The Association of Environment and
: Environmental Protection, Germany. Dunanstrasse 16, D-79110 Freiburg 
: Freiburg/Bonn, 28 January 1997 
: Since it has already been demonstrated that the mercury in the saliva
: is dissolved but not particulate, one has to calculate with a much
: higher absorption and mercury load than previously supposed. Of
: importance is that in the 20-39 year old group (including women in the
: fertile ages)

Women can be fertile outside those ages.

 the tolerable levels were especially often exceeded.
: This can be explained by the fact that the number of fillings in this
: group is especially high with 9-11 fillings, compared to a mean of 8
: in the general German population.

So 8 fillings are safe.
: than with any other available method. Hg can be present in both the
: oral cavity and the gastrointestinal tract without being detectable In
: blood or urine. It is clear that blood and urine do not reflect the
: Hg-concentration in the oral cavity/upper airways and in the
: gastrointestinal tract.

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