DEFINITEly good news?

Renate Ratlos renate.ratlos at bigfoot.com
Mon Sep 27 15:30:27 EST 1999

On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:36:32 +0200, "Hans Lennros"
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Hi Mr. Lennros,

>About Degussa: even sinners can repent .... right?

But Degussa does not... 

>And that is a good thing. Especially since it is a large company with a team
>of attorneys and a huge budget (they have lots and lots of money). The fact
>that they backed down on the amalgam issue should be considered positive.

Compared with the billions of DM they have caused in damage (and not
to forget all they pain and grieve!), what they finally paid is
peanuts. It is less than they pay in a year for postage stamps. 

It is no success but a demonstration of the ruins of what should once
have been a juristical system in Germany. 

>If such companies were not offered a way out, and something to fall back
>on, they will keep fighting til the bitter end (i.e. the last dollar). They follow
>the tobacco settlements closley and do not want to have a re-play of that.

You look at it from the wrong point of view. Nothing has become
better. Amalgam still is forced to be used, and Degussa got away with
the cost of some postage stamps. That is no right, that is abuse. 

>Remember that the anit-amalgam mob (Joel's words) are just practicing in
>Europe for the big clash in North America (oups, maybe I shouldn't tell...)

Tell me privately, please. 

Drei Dinge auf dieser Welt sind beklagenswert: Das Vererben der Jugend durch 
falsche Beziehungen, das Schwinden großartiger Wälder durch gemeinsames Ankiffen 
und die Verwendung besten Tees für unsachgemäße Bewandlung.
                                   Hai-tsung, chinesischer Installateur

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