Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

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Wed Sep 29 18:41:14 EST 1999

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 21:53:26 GMT, Michael Stanley
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>A while back I walked into Sears with a broken 3/8" ratchet (wrench). I
>told the salesman I broke it loosening a lug nut on my '74 Beetle (German
>quality - 200,000+ miles). Salesman placed a new one in a sack, which he
>handed to me,  took the old broken one and tossed it into a box under the
>register. He said "Come back when you need a new one. You may like to try
>a 1/2" ratchet or a lug wrench next time."  No questions, no complaints,
>no "bullshit".
>Patient broke a PFM crown. Five years in the mouth. Replaced "No Charge".
>Apologized for the inconvenience.
>We can afford these things when we know that they are rarities.

These things are done voluntarily - in SINGLE cases. And you do not
have any RIGHT to DEMAND a replacement. A guarantee would give you
this right. 

As the word "lifetime" implies that the producer will replace that
part as long as the buyer lives, the producer will face some 5 year
old buy something, and see this guy with 85 years again, with the
wretched part in his hands, wanting a replacement, 80 years later.
This is simply not possible as the producer does not have any kind of
insurance to keep stock for these cases even if the producer goes
bancrupt or simply ceases to exist. 

As you see (or not) the use of the word "lifetime guearantee" is
wrong, and thus has to be forbidden. 

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