Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

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>On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 21:53:26 GMT, Michael Stanley
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>>A while back I walked into Sears with a broken 3/8" ratchet (wrench). I
>>told the salesman I broke it loosening a lug nut on my '74 Beetle (German
>>quality - 200,000+ miles). Salesman placed a new one in a sack, which he
>>handed to me,  took the old broken one and tossed it into a box under the
>>register. He said "Come back when you need a new one. You may like to try
>>a 1/2" ratchet or a lug wrench next time."  No questions, no complaints,
>>no "bullshit".
>>Patient broke a PFM crown. Five years in the mouth. Replaced "No Charge".
>>Apologized for the inconvenience.
>>We can afford these things when we know that they are rarities.

>These things are done voluntarily - in SINGLE cases. And you do not
>have any RIGHT to DEMAND a replacement. A guarantee would give you
>this right. 

>As the word "lifetime" implies that the producer will replace that
>part as long as the buyer lives, the producer will face some 5 year
>old buy something, and see this guy with 85 years again, with the
>wretched part in his hands, wanting a replacement, 80 years later.
>This is simply not possible as the producer does not have any kind of
>insurance to keep stock for these cases even if the producer goes
>bancrupt or simply ceases to exist. 

That's why thr U.S. makes superior products!

>As you see (or not) the use of the word "lifetime guearantee" is
>wrong, and thus has to be forbidden. 


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