Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

Joel M. Eichen joele at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 29 17:36:35 EST 1999

renate.ratlos at bigfoot.com (Renate Ratlos ) wrote:

>On Mon, 27 Sep 1999 23:05:49 GMT, joele at earthlink.net (Joel M. Eichen)

>>Germany bans the use of amalgam . . . . . .
>>and outlaws the unfair Lands' End advertising in the process.
>>Ahhh, those Germans. They figure they can't compete with us
>>so what do they do? 

>Equal rights for everybody. The case with Land's End is one of many
>cases of comparing advertising. Comparing advertising is forbidden in
>Germany no matter WHO is making it. 

Why is that?

Telling your audience that your product is better (providing it is)
seems to be a fair thing to do.

>>They create laws favoring and protecting
>>their own inferior industry.  

>You are talking about the USA and their cannon boat politics. 

Yep. Cannon boat politics.

>>In England they advertise, "Our products come with a guarantee
>>so good that it is banned in Germany!"

>Clever company. And in Germany they say the same. 

Yep. Good products too! Oooops. My post will be deleted in Germany.

>>Zippo Lighters too, had to change their advertising within
>>Germany. In the rest of the world, they proclaim a "Lifetime
>>Guarantee." In Germany, its only a "30 year guarantee."
>>However, this does comply with German Law.

>Lifetime guarantee is, pardon my French, bullshit. 

Nope. Guarantee means they will replace the product if it stops

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