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Subscribers to ToxNet may find the net site of the Center for Regulatory
Effectiveness (CRE; www.thecre.com) of interest.  CRE intends to provide
independent analyses of agency proposals, to stimulate rational policy
development, to encourage participation in policy debates, and to inform
the public about these debates.  At present, the netsite focuses on data
access and data quality, because of their crucial roles in the formation
of policy and allocation of federal resources.

 The net site serves as something of a clearinghouse for new methods to
improve the federal regulatory process.  As such, it provides
information and analyses about some issues important to toxicology.  For
example, most toxicologists are interested in the National Toxicology
Program’s Report on Carcinogens.  Contradicting the 1996 listing
criteria, the 9th
edition will list several substances as known human carcinogens with
less than sufficient epidemiological evidence.  The listing criteria
need additional clarification to avoid unintended regulatory impacts
that detract from Congressional intent.

 Two sections seem particularly interesting: the Watchlist and Emerging
Issues.  The Watch List points to proposed regulations with apparently
unwarranted burdens as suitable candidates for the Congressional Review
Act.  It includes three pending U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
activities relevant to toxicology, the proposed Cancer Risk Assessment
Guidelines, the proposed Risk Assessment for Dioxin and Related
Compounds, and the Risk Characterization Handbook.  The Emerging Issues
section covers societal developments that could generate new federal
regulations. Its current issues include the Internet as a Federal

 Thus, the net site is becoming a good source of background information
and a good place to discover the issues undergoing debate, besides
maintaining CRE’s own point of view.  As more people visit the site,
coverage will expand and get more comprehensive.  CRE also maintains
several services on the site: links to other sites, an email mailing
list to receive their newsletter, and an interactive docket.

 My apologies for any cross-listings.

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