Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

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Obviously, Renate hasn't seen Sears' Craftsman Hand tool Guarantee. Free
lifetime replacement. All Craftsman hand tools. Forever. No limitations. No
exceptions for abused tools. Not just single cases.

What I meant by rarities is a very small percentage of products are replaced
or returned. The small percentage makes them appear to be "single, isolated

A stated guarantee gives the customer (at least in America) the right to
request, ne. "Demand" performance of the stated guaranty or warranty.
Obviously, if the company no longer exists warranty is not valid. Don't be

While I was in college I worked in a J.C. Penney retail store. A customer
returned a men's dress shirt. We could tell by the labeling and stock number
that this particular shirt (still in original packaging) was at least 10 and
possibly 15 to 18 years old. J.C. Penney had (and I believe still  has) a
lifetime replacement guaranty. We refunded the (as best we could determine)
retail value of the shirt.
I purchased a pair of navy sport coats. Threads from the batting in the
shoulder pads began protruding through the fabric. One of the salesmen noticed
and replaced my jacket. Not once, not twice, but THREE times. There was
apparently a problem in the manufacture. The old ones? Returned to
manufacturer or trashed.

These are only a small percentage of SALES but in a large volume business, not
at all RARE.

> >We can afford these things when we know that they are rarities.
> These things are done voluntarily - in SINGLE cases. And you do not
> have any RIGHT to DEMAND a replacement. A guarantee would give you
> this right.
> As the word "lifetime" implies that the producer will replace that
> part as long as the buyer lives, the producer will face some 5 year
> old buy something, and see this guy with 85 years again, with the
> wretched part in his hands, wanting a replacement, 80 years later.
> This is simply not possible as the producer does not have any kind of
> insurance to keep stock for these cases even if the producer goes
> bancrupt or simply ceases to exist.
> As you see (or not) the use of the word "lifetime guearantee" is
> wrong, and thus has to be forbidden.

A lifetime guaranty is not "wrong", shouldn't be forbidden. Do I assume you
disapprove of "Replacement Value" insurance as well?

mls ;)

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