Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

Renate Ratlos renate.ratlos at bigfoot.com
Thu Sep 30 18:01:30 EST 1999

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999 19:33:49 GMT, Michael Stanley
<thesmilecentre at home.com> wrote:

>Obviously, Renate hasn't seen Sears' Craftsman Hand tool Guarantee. Free
>lifetime replacement. All Craftsman hand tools. Forever. No limitations. No
>exceptions for abused tools. Not just single cases.
>What I meant by rarities is a very small percentage of products are replaced
>or returned. The small percentage makes them appear to be "single, isolated

Nothing but "clever" marketing. What use is it to send in a hammer for
replacement, if postage will cost more than a new hammer? 

>Obviously, if the company no longer exists warranty is not valid. Don't be

So, the guarantee is not life-time. To quote you: Don't be silly. 

>While I was in college I worked in a J.C. Penney retail store. A customer
>returned a men's dress shirt. We could tell by the labeling and stock number
>that this particular shirt (still in original packaging) was at least 10 and
>possibly 15 to 18 years old. J.C. Penney had (and I believe still  has) a
>lifetime replacement guaranty. We refunded the (as best we could determine)
>retail value of the shirt.
>I purchased a pair of navy sport coats. Threads from the batting in the
>shoulder pads began protruding through the fabric. One of the salesmen noticed
>and replaced my jacket. Not once, not twice, but THREE times. There was
>apparently a problem in the manufacture. The old ones? Returned to
>manufacturer or trashed.

These things are known. But they collide with German law if advertised
as "guarantee". 

>A lifetime guaranty is not "wrong", shouldn't be forbidden. Do I assume you
>disapprove of "Replacement Value" insurance as well?

You must differentiate between the practise of replacing a good and
the advertising of a guarantee. 

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